Top Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls, ID - Patient Reviews


"Love Dr. Jenkins and his staff. They were very helpful, easy to work with and made me comfortable about visiting the dentist. Thank you for giving me my smile back. Highly recommend!"
- Windy U.

"I'd gone to another dentist about a toothache before these guys and didn't agree with a diagnosis. I came here and Dr. Jenkins found the diagnosis in moments. He's sharp! His diagnosis and recommendation healed my pericoronitis in a week, which the other place diagnosed as bruising below my roots from chewing on something too hard, and that the pain would clear up on its own - which actually got worse for a week and a half before Dr. Jenkins helped me. I'll be coming back to this place for all checkups and future dental work. Thanks Discover Dental!"
- Jeremy G.

"WOW! I love Discover Family Dental. Dr. Jenkins, and his Amazing staff are so kind. I've had lots of worries in the past about going to the dentist, but I've had a great experience here (even with root canals). Thank you Dr. Jenkins & Staff for going the extra mile for our family!"
- Deedra P.

"I always have a great experience. Discover Family Dental is the best."
- Jennifer T.

"I have been going to Dr Jenkins for 7 years and have had such a positive experience. Dr. Jenkins did some crowns on my teeth a few weeks ago and I am so pleased with the results. The staff is so kind and Dr. Jenkins is the most down to earth dentist I have met. He cares about his patients and is passionate about his work. Highly recommend this place!"
- Macey C.

"I love going to Discovery Family Dental. I have always enjoyed getting my teeth clean and Christina does a great job. I enjoy my experience so much I get a cleaning every three months instead of six. I suggested going here because the staff is amazing and they take my dental health as seriously as I do. They care."
- Sara A.

"The receptionist, Stephanie, was really nice and helpful and the hygienist, Sarah, did a great job on my cleaning! Great place. You can tell they're very focused on people."
- Chris C.

"I am keenly impressed with the excellent care and service provided by Dr. Jenkins and staff as well as the reasonable and fair costs for dental care at Discover Family Dental. Dr. Jenkins did superb work on both a Crown I needed for a lower back molar and also a filling replacement for another tooth. Dr. Jenkins explained/showed me "on screen" the various conditions of my teeth, answered every question to my satisfaction, provided thorough and skilled dental care with a most personable style and concern for my comfort. I highly recommend him and Discover Family Dental."
- Tom G.

"The best dentist around! I’ve always had the most sensitive teeth - even brushing can be painful. I never feel any pain with doctor Jenkins - even when he’s filling a cavity or doing more in depth dental work. I’m not nervous to go to the dentist anymore - which is saying something! He’s very nice, gentle, and calming. I recommend him to everyone!"
- Abbey J.

"Dr Jenkins fixed my tooth and it was a breeze! I didn’t even feel the anesthetic. His staff was super helpful and very kind!!"
- Sarah L.