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There are many dental issues of which you should be aware. These issues concern problems that can attack your teeth, damage your smile and severely affect your oral health. It’s best to prevent these issues as much as possible. The good news is that if you can’t prevent the problems, you can treat them. Our dentist, Dr. Tracy Jenkins, is happy to offer many dental treatments that can solve your dental problems. Some treatments available for certain dental issues include:

-Dental crowns: Dental crowns can help teeth with breaks, severe decay, severe discoloration, weakness and more. They are crafted in a dental lab and they are made to replace your tooth enamel.

-Dental bridges: Dental bridges can fill a gap in the smile by replacing missing teeth. They are attached to the natural teeth that remain on both sides of the gap.

-Dentures: Dentures can replace all or just a few of your missing teeth. Complete dentures replace all of your teeth, and partial dentures replace a few missing teeth.

-Dental implants: Dental implants can replace your missing teeth and their roots. They are embedded in the jawbone to give you natural-feeling results.

To learn more about how to treat dental problems in Idaho Falls, Idaho, please reach out to Discover Family Dental Idaho Falls today. Our dental team will be happy to give you the tips, information and details you need, so please don’t hesitate to contact 208-522-8061. We look forward to helping you!