We can provide children with a fun and positive dental visit beginning with their first appointment. It is our goal at Discover Family Dental Idaho Falls to offer the quality, affordable care you want so that children get the care they need. We also encourage you to contact us prior to visiting Dr. Tracy Jenkins so that our dentist and his team can better accommodate your child. Below are a few reasons why children and their parents appreciate our children’s dentistry in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Why Children Love Discover Family Dental Idaho Falls

  • Water Laser – Advanced technology, such as our WaterLase MD™, allows Dr. Jenkins to provide light-touch fillings and other procedures that are more comfortable for your child and therefore do not require a numbing shot!
  • “Happy Air” – Children can have nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to ease any anxiety and have a much more enjoyable visit
  • TVs in the Ceiling – Their favorite show or movie will provide a pleasing distraction and reduce anxiety
  • “Show and Tell” Dentistry – To avoid fear of the unknown, our dentist and his team show their dental tools and provide a child-friendly interpretation of how it’s used
  • Dental Awesomeness! – Dr. Jenkins and our team make visits to the dentist fun!


Why Parents Love Discover Family Dental Idaho Falls

  • Fun Visits – Their kids actually look forward to visiting the dentist
  • Thorough Care – Dr. Tracy Jenkins takes the time to speak with parents about his examination results and treatment recommendations
  • Affordability – We offer great dental savings that benefit the whole family
  • Honest Service – There are no surprise fees or costs, and you are given an estimate prior to every treatment
  • Care & Consideration – Our team is dedicated to ensuring the comfort of your child throughout their dental experience