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So you’re fresh from your whitening appointment with our dentist, Dr. Tracy Jenkins. Your teeth look great, you feel good, and you want to celebrate your new smile with a little lunch. So, what’s on the menu?

While certain foods can stain your teeth, other foods can actually help keep them white. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are a great start. These types of foods are very fibrous which can help scrub your teeth. They also have a high water content and will stimulate the production of saliva. They can also wash your teeth. Speaking of water, when you want to keep your teeth white, there is no better drink. It should be your drink of choice, and you should also enjoy a glass of water along with dark-colored foods and drinks. Believe it or not, pineapple is great for keeping your teeth looking great! It is the perfect food for removing stains and even plaque. There is also evidence that pineapple may be good for your gums.

The calcium and vitamin D in dairy products are good for your teeth, and when you consume foods like hard cheeses, they can scrub your teeth, much the same way as vegetables.

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