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Dental flaws such as chipped teeth and visible dental fillings on front teeth can cause many patients to feel self-conscious about their grins. In particular, patients who struggle with tooth stains that are deep in the tooth enamel often seek cosmetic dentistry. Many patients find porcelain dental veneers to be highly effective treatments to improve tooth stains and achieve a much whiter smile that lasts for years.

Dental veneers are thin and custom-shaped shells that are specifically shaded and designed to fit over some of your front teeth and enhance their appearance. Based on the natural appearance and shape of these teeth, dental veneers offer a more enhanced color and contour. And while your natural teeth can develop deep stains, the porcelain material is only affected by minor surface stains if your diet often involves dark beverages and foods. The resilience of the porcelain helps you to maintain a bright and white smile for many years.

First, our dentist thoroughly checks the quality of your teeth to ensure they still have healthy tooth enamel and are fit to receive dental veneers. If lack of enamel, tooth decay or old fillings has affected any of the teeth to the point that a dental veneer is not ideal, our dentist may substitute a porcelain dental crown in place of one of the veneers.

The next step is to create a detailed impression of your smile for an off-site dental lab so that skilled technicians can refer to the appearance of your natural teeth when creating your final veneers. Once these have been completed, our team arrange your follow-up appointment at our office to have the veneers cemented in place. We will need to remove some natural tooth enamel in order to accommodate the veneers so that they don’t appear bulky and unnatural against your teeth.

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